Human Resources Recruitment Policy

The human resources policy of Azelir Brevo, which believes that its most important capital is human resources; It was founded on creating an employee profile that is expert in their profession, highly motivated, socially competent, creating added value, and managing, directing and developing human resources correctly.

Our Human Resources Policy

To employ the right people in the right positions,

Evaluating the human resources within the group first for new positions,

To ensure that the employees take on tasks appropriate to their knowledge and abilities,

To keep the morale and motivation of employees at all levels at the highest level, to create family awareness,

To create a healthy, safe and peaceful working environment in terms of occupational safety and health.

Identifying training needs for employees, preparing and implementing training programs,

Evaluating and rewarding employee performances according to objective criteria,

To offer internship opportunities to university students,

Providing an open communication environment

To protect and develop all personal rights of the personnel.

What awaits you at Azelir Brevo?

We are excited and proud of what we do. You can be a part of our excitement by joining us.

Young and Dynamic Team

Remote Work

Current Technologies

Personal Development Opportunity

Open Positions

You can review our open positions and apply for the most suitable position for you.


  • Graduated from Computer, Software, similar undergraduate programs of universities
  • Proficient in Python language, Django framework, OOP concepts.
  • Worked with database technologies such as MySQL, PostgreSQL,
  • Knowledge of web technologies such as XHTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • Proficient in version control tools (GIT etc.)
  • Able to work with Linux operating system
  • Willing to improve himself, learn new software languages, follow open source and free software
  • Professional English proficiency
  • students or recent graduates in Computer Engineering and Software Engineering departments of universities
  • Knowledge of Javascript(ES6+), HTML, CSS,
  • Worked with Python  and Django web framework
  • Passionate, curious and willing to learn,
  • Open to following new technologies, researching and learning new things,
We are looking for intern teammates who will take part in in-house projects and assist us in documentation, planning and testing.


•    Graduated from Computer, Software or Industrial Engineering departments of universities,
•    Minimum 2 years of experience in business processes and information systems analysis, design and integration
•    Advanced with at least one ERP system 
•    Study with databases and good knowledge of SQL
•    Good command of English
•    Preferably with product tree, material database and product route management experience
•    Knowledge of configuration management principles
•    Analytical and communication side strong, planned and able to work as a team
•    High job follow-up skills and responsibility
•    We are looking for teammates who are proficient in MS Office programs

We Can't Wait To See You Among Us

  • If you graduated from the Computer Engineering program of universities,
  • If your technical knowledge of English is sufficient,
  • If you say you are constantly improving yourself with Udemy courses
  • If you have projects on your github account

            We are waiting for your application.